Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Dudes. We had the best time on vacation!! Thank you so much for praying for Brennan and his sleep. He did GREAT! Slept great at night, took good naps, and traveled like a champ. Thank you Lord! We drove a ton and had pretty long plane flights (thanks to being re-routed to Madison, WI to re-fuel due to a thunderstorm, ugh) and through it all, B was pretty darn good. I guess the really great thing about having a super tough first year with your baby is that we never take him being happy for granted. So so so thankful he was a good traveler!

(For you moms that care, we bought a sound machine, had him sleep in his own room, and brought his crib bumper with us. We're not sure which one of those three things (or all three) is why he slept while we traveled, but it worked).

(Also, we have the best parents in the WORLD. Thank you to you both for finding room for B to sleep on his own and for your amazing hospitality. Thank you for your understanding, we loveeee you!)

I think I'm going to break up this post into a few separate segments. We'll start off with the Girls Weekend! Saturday morning, I drove my father in laws truck to Grand Rapids to meet with these girls:
(Dinner at Rosa's on Reeds Lake. BEST sandwich I've literally ever had.)

I was driving in a huge rainstorm and praying the whole time, "Dear Lord, please don't let me crash Ron's truck, I don't think it would be good for our relationship." :)
We got to visit our dear friend, Suzanne, in the hospital post surgery. She was looking and feeling great and we were so thankful with her (she was declared CANCER FREEEEEEE!). Aftewards we ate lunch at a little Mexican place, got pedis:

Shopped, ate out for dinner and stayed at the Amway Grand. Somehow we got upgraded to a corner room, check out the view from our room:

(Wendy and Michele, there is no way I'm posting the photos I attempted to take in our room. One word: horrid.)

The next morning we ate breakfast at Wolfgang's in Easttown and relaxed at the Holland state park beach the rest of the day. So good to see you girls, I love you!!

Next up: a week at my parents house in metro Grass Lake.


Jim & Wendy said...

Good times! But, who's idea was it to put the pregnant girl in front?? Oh my...

Chaeli said...

Oh Wendy girl, I didn't even think about it. But you look fabulous!!

Ron and Judy A said...

I read your post. Liked you comment about driving the truck through the rain storm. Hey if you wrecked it maybe then I could get my Mustang. Just don't you get injured in the process.

Love you!
Dad A.

jayfersgirl said...

Sounds like a great trip! So glad Brennan slept well:) Isn't it funny how you try all sorts of things and then don't know which one was the then you will always and ever have to use them all every time you travel:) We definitely have that same situation right now, as we're staying at my parents' house:)

Erin Zubert said...

Giggled out loud when I read your prayer! It was a great vacation wasn't it?!