Sunday, July 10, 2011


(crickets, crickets).

The sound of my blog as of late. So sorry! I've tried updating a couple times and blogger kept giving me an error! Plus is the dog days of summer 'round here and I just haven't felt the blog love. But I'm back! At least, I'll try to be back!! VBS starts tomorrow, so we'll see how much I actually blog.

This past Saturday, we were invited to a grape pick at a vineyard down here. I was a little worried about Brennan overheating, but he did great. We got to see the grape crushing, tour the property and were able to bring home a few bottles of their own wine. Thank you Jason and Crystal for the invite!!

We also went to Academy and bought B a pool for the backyard. As I mentioned, it's dern hot down here and somedays, I just want to throw him (and possibly myself) in the pool without driving to the pool in our neighborhood.

I think it's safe to say he loves it. We put it on the patio, with the patio umbrella providing shade. When you get a small breeze and have a cold drink, and stick your feet in the pool, it's not to shabby.

Hope y'all are staying cool. I'd take this over a Michigan winter any day of the week. But still, whew. I need to get myself a cold drink. Adios!


Ron and Judy A said...

Thanks for the updates Chaeli.

Meaghan said...

yay, cute! thanks for updating, even all the trouble you went through to continually try ;) makes us know you're doing OK! feel free to send the wine my way, tehehe. see you in less than 30 days!