Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We got some eggplant with our CSA last week. I've never bought eggplant before. Ever. But I've heard that eggplant parmesan is really good, so I hopped onto one of my favorite food blogs and looked up a recipe. It was a little time consuming, but I decided not to make my own sauce and use canned.

It was sooo good!

I've been trying to cook in batches, rather than one dish at a time. So the same time I was making the eggplant parmesan (while the eggplant was dehydrating a bit), I also made this recipe of Eggplant Gratin with Creme Fraiche. I personally like the texture of the first dish better, but the second dish tasted just as good or better. I did make the homemade red sauce for this recipe and it was easy AND good.

I also made two types of Okra while the eggplant dishes were baking, fried okra and baked okra. It was my first okra experience. And it was delicious (as Brennan would say!). I've always heard okra can be slimey, but it helped that I dredged it in flour before cooking it.

Eggplant is in season down here, I'm not sure about up north. But if you run across some, try it, it's YUM.



Katie said...

Another awesome eggplant recipe we discovered: Eggplant fries!

Cut into fry shapes, roll in 1 egg plus 1 eggwhite, and then roll in breadcrumbs that you've seasoned up a bit.

Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 465 deg for 7 min, then turn and do the other side for 7 min.

Delicious with ketchup!

Chaeli said...

That's kind of how we cooked the okra. . . we called them fries for Brennan's sake and he dipped them in ketchup!

Katie said...

Genius! We didn't get any okra in our share, but I was afraid we would, because our farm grows it. I was afraid of trying to cook it, but sounds like it might not be so bad??

Chaeli said...

It's really pretty darn tasty!! If you ever get some through your CSA or the store, call me, I'll give you the fries recipe!

Aunt Sue said...

Glad to see you're expanding your taste buds. Keep up the good work.