Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grateful to be Pregnant and Grateful for My Husband

Guess what?

After 8 weeks of feeling so crummy I could barely move myself from the couch to our bed, I just vacuumed our entire house. By myself. In one fell swoop. And didn't feel like puking the entire time. Can you even imagine? Annnd, I drank a cup of coffee (Erin, can you believe it??) Now, I don't want to jinx myself, but wow, that feels amazing. I'm 12 weeks along, could this be the end of the "N" word? Crossing my fingers. . .

I should back up. We found out we were pregnant the first week of June. We were both in a little bit of shock because it happened like, the first month we tried. But we are so happy! This baby is so wanted!

At about 6 weeks I got stomach flu like symptoms the entire weekend. It was the beginning of my "morning sickness". What moron coined the term "morning sickness" anyways? I haven't met one woman who had nausea only in the morning. Anyways, it's been a rough 8 weeks. Jon called my OB and asked for a prescription of Zofran for the nausea and then picked it up for me at our pharmacy. I didn't even look at the bottle, it was small white pills and the pharmacy slip said "for nausea" so I assumed it was Zofran. Fast forward to our 10 week appointment with our OB and I'm telling her how I'm so tired I can barely function and she mentions, "oh, that's because we prescribed you Phenergan, not Zofran". ARE YOU SERIOUS??

As soon as I stopped taking the Phenergran, I was still nauseous, but I'd rather be nauseous than nauseous AND exhausted. I'm still pretty mad about that. Needless to say, because of other reasons besides that, I've switched OB's and am now seeing a Midwife whom I really like!

I kind of feel like my whole life as been falling apart a little bit lately. I'm too sick to exercise so I feel like my body is in a state of atrophy. And we've eaten pretty poorly, and Brennan has gotten used to having a mom who lays on the playroom floor rather than playing with him. All you women out there know the 1st semester fog and know what I'm talking about. But I know I'm on the upswing and it will be worth it.

Let me tell you who the rock star of the family is though: Jon. He seriously has been amazing. I'm so darn thankful for him. He cooked, grocery shopped, took care of Brennan, made him meals ahead of time so I just had to re-heat his lunches, he basically took over all our household duties. And he never complained. Dang, I am thankful for that man.

And now I'm about to cry. Oh, pregnancy.

We leave tomorrow for Michigan for two weeks! I am sooo excited to see these people:

And these people:



Erin Zubert said...

So glad to hear you felt good today! I remember how excited I was the first day I felt well enough to do anything--such accomplishments:) I had a blended coffee drink the other night and it didn't kill me, but I just picked up some Zantac because some things still make me feel bad. Don't feel guilty about those weeks of survival, Brennan knows his mommy loves him whether she's at the top of her game or not. And praise the Lord for PBS kids!

Anonymous said...

Chaeli, you made my heart smile this morning! *so* thankful for you that you're feeling better. Although I can't relate to 1st trimester wretchedness, I do get the "I just vacummed the whole house" accomplishment! :)

Thanks for letting us see your enthusiasm through your struggles, it's beautiful.

Love you! See you in MI!!

The Feitl Family said...

Where are you guys???? We are headed to Lake MI tomorrow (Friday). Any chance of hooking up?

jayfersgirl said...

So happy for you! So sorry you had awful nausea:( Hopefully it's over now!
I was a nanny when I was pregnant with Brooklyn and the exhaustion took me by surprise. I knew so much about pregnancy, childbirth, kids, etc. but had somehow missed the memo on the tiredness in the first semester...it's brutal when you're trying to also take care of a toddler!

Tristan said...

SO glad you are feeling better Chaeli! I just started following your blog :)

Your Blog said...

This is your blog speaking. Please don't kill me. I want to LIVE to share more of your life with your friends and familia from faraway places. I'm still young and have a lot more life in me! Please, please, please let me live!

Your Blog

Anonymous said...

Chaeli, since 99% of your extended family leaves away from Houston, and probably 66% of your friends (wild guess since you're quite popular), this is an urgent request to KEEP THE BLOG OPEN. don't let it die. we miss you. love, everyone who cares about you outside of Houston ;)