Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Packing's for Losers

It's Tuesday afternoon and I haven't started packing yet and I'm blogging. Why you ask? Because I am a slacker, that's why. And because I figure if I just wait long enough, the magic packing fairy will come to my house and save me from my troubles.

We did however, get the living and our bedroom painted at the new house, hooray!! We spent all day Saturday, all day Sunday and last night and finished her up. And we got a lot of the small, little things done, such as buying new smoke detectors and batteries (remember this post?), changing filters, changing out locks, buying a garage door remote, etc. It's getting warm in Houston so we are becoming especially thankful that our new house is very energy efficient (double pane windows and radiant barrier in the attic).

I'm still baking my way through this book, however my last attempt wasn't so pretty. It looked like this:
A weird looking bread triangle.

It was supposed to look like this:

I don't have a pizza peel and you're supposed to use the peel to simply slide the bread from the peel to the oven. However, I had to pick up the bread and transfer it to the oven which resulted in the weird looking bread. Oh well, still tasted good!

Off to pack (I think.. .)

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