Friday, May 13, 2011

Move and Mothers

Yo. This is only my 15th attempt to get this post out. After a thunderstorm briefly took out our power, and then Brennan woke up crying from his nap due to said storm, and then I spilled Diet Coke, and then blogspot went down and lost my previous post, I'm finally getting it up (or am I?). Here she blows!!!

I wanted to post a few pictures of our big move day last Saturday. The guys did the actual moving and some girls met me at the new house to start unpacking. Carlee, Cherish and Crystal helped with the kitchen and I will be forever grateful.

The guys moving (James, you crack me up):

We decided not to rent a U-Haul truck because it was such a short move (.9 miles). Thankfully, our life group came out with trucks and a willingness to help. We only had one casualty, a stool that fell out of the truck, but thankfully we were going to be selling it on craigslist so it didn't really matter (part of a breakfast nook we no longer use).

We already feel more at home in this house than in our rental. Maybe because we know it's ours, or maybe because it actually has some paint on the ways, or probably both. Whichever, we are glad to be here!

The day after we moved was Mother's Day. Jon said my gift was being in the new house. :) Although, he did get me some other gifts and brought me starbucks for breakfast (my fav, marble mocha, nonfat milk, no whip, if you must know).

The fam on Mother's Day:

And the little man that made me a Mother (he thinks the map at The Met is his personal playground):

Love to you all!


Meaghan said...

such a cute little family!! i love you guys :)

Beforethehunt said...

Hey the new place looks nice and so does the neighborhood. Give Brennan a hug for me!