Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And we're in!

Hey y'all!!

I'm posting from the kitchen counter of our new house! We moved on Saturday and praise be to God, it was super smooth. The days leading up to the move, not so much smooth. But we got it all packed, thanks MOSTLY to dear friends who brought Brennan and I food (Laura), helped me pack the kitchen (Tammy) and packed up the living room (Shelly). I am so so so grateful to them.

We also had a lot of help moving on Saturday from our awesome life group at church. We started at 9 and by 1:00 most of our stuff had been moved here. I had some girlfriends helping me unpack as the guys brought stuff in and it worked out great. We had the kitchen and living room done by Saturday night. The rest of the rooms, however, are still mostly in boxes :)

We just got internet tonight, so I hope to upload my photos from my phone and do some more updating later this week.

Love to you all!

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