Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hey guys!

It's been an eventful weekend!! Friday night I watched Kennady (the sweet baby girl I nanny once a week) until 8:00. Then Jon and I cleaned the house, set up beds, extra, attempting to start preparing for my parents arrival the very next day. I even sent Jon out grocery shopping at 10:30 at night because we literally had no food in the house.

Saturday morning I went for a run (and ohh, for some reason, I felt TERRIBLE). Anyways, I rounded the corner to head towards home and saw flames shooting out of our neighbors house. Thinking back, I should have gone straight to their house, but I sprinted home to get Jon and we headed over there. There were already two other neighbors outside. We knocked on the other neighbors house to get them out of their houses in case the fire spread. We talked very quickly about going inside to see if anyone was in there but it was already completely covered in smoke.

About 5 minutes later (but it felt like eternity), the firefighters arrived. They actually asked Jon to help move the fire hose. It was a little traumatic. We saw them pull a lady out and put a tarp over her. We found out later that two women had died. We still don't know what caused the fire.

After that little event, we ran some quick errands and then I picked my parents and little brother, Steve up from the airport. They had tickets to the Final Four games which were held in Houston, so my brother, dad, and Jon went straight to the Reliant Center where the games were held. My mom and I went out to dinner, went shopping at Hobby Lobby, worked on the yard and cooked.

WHEW. Will update again soon with the rest of our adventures. I'm just thankful for my parents and their sacrifice to come down here to be with us and help out. We love them.

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