Saturday, April 9, 2011

I like to move it, move it. . .

Can you believe this- we close on our house in two weeks. Two weeks. And this will be our third move in less than two years. Wowsers. My mom motivated me to get off my hiney and start the packing process. We went to Target and bought six bins (which I've been meaning to do, promise mom!). We pretty much have all of Brennan's non-essentials packed!

I dropped my parentals and Steve off at the airport about two hours ago, le sigh. We had an awesome time together! The Dad and Steve played a lot of tennis, my mom and I got some home decor shopping done for our new house, the parents went on a date night out to the Woodlands Market Street, and we spent quite a bit of time outdoors (they enjoyed our back patio for their morning devo time:)

Welp, would love to fill y'all in more, but this chica needs to start packing!

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