Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Guild Shop

Jon had to work all day Saturday doing a video shoot for Easter. I was determined not to sit at home all day so I loaded up the B man in the car and we headed towards downtown Houston to hit up The Guild Shop. I had read about it on this blog and it looked amazing. I had high hopes.

It turned out to be a big fat FAIL. The store itself was awesome, awesome, awesome. But it really was a total fail. First of all, we hit a huge traffic jam on I-45 and it took us forever to get to the store. I love Houston traffic, did I ever tell you guys that? Then the store made me dump out my yet-to-be drank coffee (oh no you didn't!) before I could shop. Then they told me I couldn't have a stroller in the store.

I tried to gently lead my 2 year old son through an antique store FULL of glass and ceramic and vases and plates and frames but alas, it was stressful. And then about 5 minutes into perusing the store, I noticed Brennan had lost his two favorite race cars he was toting around in the store. So I ran around the store looking for Lightning McQueen and Mater. Luckily I found them near the antique toys (should have known). I was sweating and stressed and Brennan was miserable.

After that, we hightailed it out of there and went home to play outside, which we probably should have done from the beginning. But I'd rather try and fail at sometime than sit at home. So I'll leave ya with a tip, don't antique shop with a 2 year old in tow, ha!


Meaghan said...

hilarious! (in hindsight, of course!) i'm glad you made the attempt. and i hear you about traffic. i try to think of it as a good chance to exercise my patience and control my anger. every. day. its a work in progress...

Katie said...

AH! Sounds stressful, but I'm glad you tried it! It gets so boring staying at home, and now you are a better woman for the trouble. ;)