Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Prep

Anyone who has a family member or friend that's on a church staff understands this: the two weeks before Easter (and Christmas) are CAAA-RAZY! Jon's been working over-time and will be until Easter Sunday. It's not too bad and I'm not meaning to complain, it just is what it is. And we close on our house two days after Easter, so that worked out great!

Unfortunately, Brennan woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with the stomach flu. Booo. I kept telling Jon to go back to sleep since he's got a lot on his plate but he wanted to make sure the B man was okay so he stayed up. It was our first experience with the stomach bug. I told Jon I think we earned our parenthood card. ha! Yesterday wasn't super fun but he seems to be on the up and up.

In other news, I'm currently reading this book and it is awesome.

It's about a family of four that chooses to live off of food that they grow in their own gardens or can buy locally for an entire year. It's seriously so interesting. I know, that's weird, right? Oh well. I'm weird.
She talks about teaching her kids to be patient and wait for the BEST- and food tastes it's best when it's in season. So unless it's canned or frozen, they don't eat strawberries unless strawberries are in season, or cucumbers, or whatever it may be. She also discusses the impact of pesticides and insects that are now presticide resistant and how organically grown foods have more antioxidants than conventional foods because they need those antioxidants for themselves simply because they are learned to grow in an environment where they have to fight off bugs and such. She also discusses why most people view local and organic foods as foods for rich people.

We haven't exactly jumped on the whole organic and local train ourselves (yet), especially seeing that this is what I made for dinner.


Katie said...

Sounds really interesting!

Does she comment on what us poor northerners have to eat in the winter, if we only eat locally? Root veggies only? :) I'd like to jump on the eat local bandwagon, and we definitely frequent the farmer's market in the summer, but man, in the winter, in Michigan, it's tough. Plus, then we could never ever ever eat bananas. :(

Chaeli said...

She does this is Virginia so I know it's a little different than Michigan. . . I'm only through September so I'll letcha know how the winter months go. Bananas are our go-to fruit so I know how you feel!

jayfersgirl said...

We have been trying to eat more organic and local...which meant only frozen strawberries until the organics were finally back in the store...and not $6.99!:)
After seeing Food Inc we have only used organic ground beef and organic or natural chicken.
I try to follow the "dirty dozen" rules for produce buy I'd love to be able to grow a bunch in a garden too.
I like Barbara Kingsolver's novels so I'll have to check it out.
Oh and we totally eat fast food and junk too - but organic meat when we cook at home and organic produce - baby steps right?:)