Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm a little sleep deprived mixed with excitement and other emotions so if this blog entry is a little whacko, so sorry.

Our ahhh-mazing Life Group at the Met, Growing Covenant, had a ladies retreat this past weekend from Friday to Saturday late afternoon (which did not cause the sleep deprivation, but definitely added to it). It was sooo fantastic! And I was a ding-dong and took 0 photos, so sorry. We laughed, ate, studied scripture, played wii dance dance revolution, etc. Then I came home and we immediately left to meet our realtor to look at some potential houses (all were a big fat FAIL).

Today I had the couple I'm nannying for (did I tell you all that?) come over for a while just to check out the house and meet Brennan. I am nannying for a 7 week old just once a week and am SO very thankful for the job! I randomly posted my application on a nanny website and a couple from Cypress contacted me needing a nanny one day a week, which is all I wanted to do. A little extra income for plane tickets and such. Hooray!

But I'm super excited because in about an hour, I'm going to pick my good friend, April up! She's visiting with us for a few days and going with us to the Keith Urban show at the Houston Rodeo tomorrow night. Can.not.wait. It's my first rodeo experience. I plan on totally getting into it. :)

We drop her off at the airport on Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon, the Ackermans and 3/4 of the Zubert clan flies in to visit for a week. Can I hear an Amen? We haven't seen them since Christmas, very excited for the visit!!

I may not be posting much for the next week or so but I'll try to put up some photos. Here are a few to tide you over for a while:

On Brennan's birthday, he's in a diaper due to the eating of cupcakes.

This photo is for John and Kym. . . B watching the Thomas video you got him. He's a bit addicted. It's actually becoming a problem, thanks a lot! :)

Brennan decided to color on our couches. Thank goodness we bought these with the stain treatment so virtually everything comes out of them with the wipe of a wet towel. Best decision ever!

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Kym said...

glad he likes it! we new it'd be addicting as Mckenna is a bit addicted to her Dora DVD but hey it got us through the pneumonia and also helped on the 8hr ride to buffalo and as she was sick there :(
I'm glad he had a great B-day ur cake in the above post looked awesome!