Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Worship Night

To cap off the 21 days of fasting at The Met, they had a worship night on Sunday night. It was awesome. The Spirit moved, it was thought provoking and fun and worshipful.

Sunday morning, Jon, B and I went downtown to watch our friend Cathi run the Houston Marathon. We were able to see her around miles 17, 22 and the finish line. It was perfect temperature but a little drizzly. I totally forgot to take my camera out of my purse so I don't have any photos. Of course I cried watching the people finish, just like I did last year. Cathi, we're super impressed by your work ethic, you're a rock star!!

I realized I hadn't put very many photos of Brennan on here in a while so these are for the Grandparents in Michigan!

"Helping" us roll out pizza dough Saturday night

B and Barrett swinging at Barrett's birthday party

Jon and B

I heard the Midwest is getting a huge snow storm today/tomorrow. . . stay safe and warm everyone! Dad, no crazy driving, you hear me? :)

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