Sunday, February 13, 2011


I posted this idea a few months ago from another blog I follow and finally decided to do it- easy peasy scrapbook paper pictures. What I love about this idea is that I can switch out the paper very easily and change the entire look. I bought 4 frames at Walmart for $12.00 and four pieces of scrapbook paper for $1.00 at Hobby Lobby. Not too shabby for $13.00! I wish I would have bought frames with very little border instead of these thick black ones, so that would be my suggestion to you if you're going to do it!

Today I made this tuxedo cake I found on this blog. I am really falling in love with cooking and baking and I love trying out new recipes. My goal is to try one new recipe a week. Anyways, I made this cake for Jon for Valentines Day and I'm pretty sure it's a winner. I had him try the whipped cream topping and he wouldn't stop eating it so I'm guessing he likes it. I'm bummed the chocolate glaze didn't turn out thicker, but I was running low on heavy whipping cream so I used evaporated milk instead, what can a girl do?

Anyways, those are some fun homemade things I've been doing lately.

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jayfersgirl said...

Just saw your tweet about overcoming B's fear of the potty. We're in the midst of that as well. The best advice I have is to not push it; the last thing I've wanted to do is make it into a traumatic thing for her, since it seems like she already has a fear of it (which is so normal!).
We have finally gotten past the fear of sitting on it (she used to actually pee on it about a year ago and then got scared of it at some point). But she will only sit on it with a diaper on; taking her diaper off to sit on it is very scary to her, it seems.
So for now, we go nuts when she chooses to go sit on it with her diaper on, and she seems to have overcome that baby steps it is! Let me know if you get any other great advice!:)