Monday, February 28, 2011

Brennan's Birthday and D-Now

Brennan's birthday was last Thursday and we decided to do a low-key celebration since his party isn't for 2 more weeks. Being the awesome parents that we are, we woke up on Thursday morning and realized we hadn't bought him one present. Ha! So after getting him out of bed and singing Happy Birthday to him about 15 times that day, I took him to Target and let him pick out a Thomas train. I also made pizza (his favorite) and cupcakes for dinner. We had his friend, Barrett over to celebrate with us. And of course, I completely forgot to take photos (but Jon has video so maybe I can get that from him).

The cupcakes I made B had a yummy whipped topping that tasted like marshmallow creme. I can send you the recipe if you want!

Friday night and all day Saturday was D-Now for the Met students. An explanation of D-Now from the website,

"D-Now 2011 is a high energy "camp-like" weekend experience. Its an experience built around a TRUTH-focused biblical community allowing Students to build strong relationships within their groups, host homes, and weekend Experiences."

We weren't able to host a group of students because we didn't have enough transportation (bummed) so we volunteered on Saturday instead. The students competed in an Amazing Race and one of their stations was to drink 1 gallon of milk. And that's the station they put us at to host. Yep.

Luckily, the rules stated that one person could drink the entire gallon by themselves or they could pass it around between them (hello germs, how are you??). And there were only two pukers,so not too shabby. Honestly, it was SO MUCH FUN! I had a blast. After the Amazing Race, they had lunch (chick fil a), a worship set, a time of teaching, free time, etc. It was so well done for the students and I've heard stories that it was very impactful as well.

We also house-hunted on Saturday night and I'm almost convinced that buying a house could be as stressful as selling a house. See you soon!


Katie said...

I thought I've heard that it is physically impossible to drink a whole gallon of milk at one time without vomiting. Did anyone do it? Have I heard wrong? I'm very interested to know! ;)

Chaeli said...

tehehe, I think it is impossible (without puking) to drink a whole gallon of milk in less than 1 hour. All of our groups passed it around (ewww). I group of 5 seniors did it in 1 minutes 25 seconds!

Erin Zubert said...

Ok, only 2 pukers?! I would have been vomiting right along with them. nasty!

Chaeli said...

Erin, I was totally dry-heaving the whole time.