Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas- Texas Style

Last night, Jon and I were planning on going out on a date (sushi for him, Charming Charlies for me, it's all about the compromise in this relationship, ha!). But Brennan has an ear infection, so we had to cancel. Instead, we decided to drive around the Prestonwood Neighborhood which is known for their Christmas light displays.

It was pretty neat, each road within the neighborhood had a theme, such as Frosty the Snowman, the 12 Days of Christmas, etc. Then, we came across the "Texas Christmas" street. Check it out:

Oh Texas, you kill me sometimes.

This morning, I really wanted/needed to get out of the house. After being home with Brennan for a few days, I get antsy. So we went to some Tomball Festival we stumbled upon and walked around. Today is gorrrrgeous outside so we wanted to be outside and enjoy the weather (high of 78 today). The market was a perfect place to do that! There were all sorts of vendors, rides, food, etc. We even got to see this gem:

"Swingin' Home for Christmas"

This state is awesome.

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jayfersgirl said...

I miss Texas sometimes:)
And I love that you have a Prestonwood neighborhood...there's a neighborhood and church called that in Dallas. Most people just refer to the church as "the Baptodome" though;)