Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend! Friday night was Parents Night Out at the church so I met Jon there and we dropped off Brennan together. Then I surprised him and had already made an appointment at a car dealership to test drive some Mazda's. Our Civic is a 1998 with 260,000 miles (or more, I can't quite remember). We're "drive them til they die" sort of people, but we want to know what car we want to buy when it does eventually die (which could be in two months or two years. Our other Civic had even more miles on it and was running just fine when someone totaled us in the Meijer parking lot. . . . nother' story. . . ). Tis one of the reasons we love our Hondas so much (right honey? :) Jon likes the Mazda 3's or Mazda 6's but he'd never driven one so that was fun to do that on Friday night. Whatever car we end up getting next will be to replace "his" car that he drives back and forth to work in, so it'll probably be a small-ish sedan that gets good gas miles. We'll see. (If you're interested, we were not that impressed with the Mazda so it probably won't be that!). Afterwards, we were running low on time so we ate at Chick Fil A (my request, that chick fil a sauce is to die for). Beforehand, we both wrote down some dreams that we had for our future and we had really good conversation in a chick fil a booth talking away. The night went too fast!

Saturday we went to Galveston Island with some friends from our small group. There's a beach on Galveston that you can drive on, it was awesome to have our cars SO close in case we needed anything.

Some of our group, there were a lot of us!

The kids (and adults) dug this out for the babies to play in.

B loved playing with his cars. Shocking, I know.

Beach day was great! Except when Brennan took a bite of another kid's peanut butter sandwich. THAT was fun. NOT. Luckily I saw him eating something and looked down to see the sandwich in his hands so I was able to reach in his mouth and pull it all out before he swallowed it. I honestly think that's what saved us. Benadryl makes this awesome pre-portioned packets which we always carry with us, so we gave him one of those and he was fine. He did have a few hives on his face but nothing bad. He did take five years off of my life though!

We've been out and about a lot this week and Brennan was exhausted. They have showers at this beach and while Jon was showering, I was holding Brennan and right there on the beach he fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep the entire ride home. I'm sure the bendaryl didn't help either. Sweet kid.

Today after church (and after naps for two of us), we headed to Boys and Girls Country. It's a home for kids whose families can no longer take care of them. The cottage we visit once a month has all boys, I think there's around 10 of them per home. There are house parents that take care of the kids and it's an environment much like a regular home. It's pretty much awesome. I love watching Jon play outside with all the boys. Brennan also said "NO" and "MINE" for the first time today at BGC when another boy tried to take the car he was playing with. I think we just officially entered into toddlerhood!!


Lynne said...

It sounds like you had a super fun weekend! Thanks for coming out to BAGC...I had a great time chatting and talking with you!

jayfersgirl said...

Scary about the peanut butter! Does he have an Epi-pen too? So glad the Benadryl worked.
Two of my friends' kids here have bad food allergies (they have Epi-pens on them at all times), and we all know what those allergies are and make sure to not have those items around, since kids will inevitably share food. It was rough when my friend's daughter was little, because she was allergic to practically everything (nuts, soy, wheat - which is in everything, etc.). But we sure didn't want to be the cause of an allergic reaction:(

Chaeli said...

Cara- it is scary! Luckily he's only allergic to peanut butter! I have an epi pen in my purse and one in a drawer at home. I pray I never have to use it!

Lynne, you found my blog!!! How fun!

Katie said...

WHAT??? Brennan liked playing with his cars??? You're kidding me!! ;) Is that joke getting old yet? Not for me!

The beach looked super fun! I'm glad the potential peanut disaster was avoided. Wouldn't it suck if Brennan decided that peanut was his favorite food (because he can never have it)???

Miss ya!!

Ron and Judy A said...

Good catch on the PB - glad you were prepared.

I rode in a Mazda 3 a couple years ago and thought it was pretty rough - was not impressed either.

Dad A.

Meaghan said...

LOVE the picture of him sleeping in the car :) le sigh. so glad he was ok! Thank God!