Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our House "Situation"

I just wanted to share the good news that our house is RENTED! I'm sure most of you saw our excited-ness on Facebook already but I realized I'd forgotten to post it on here. Here's the story:

We had four months of double house payments last year (one payment for our apartment here, one for our house in Lansing). Killer on the mind, the finances, everything. Thankfully, my brother and two of his friends were moving to Lansing and wanted to rent out our house starting January 1st. They've been a HUGE blessing to us. They told us last week that they wouldn't be renewing the lease (they had a 9 month lease) and we're moving out October 1st. We don't blame that at all, but long story short it kind of had us stressed and on our knees. Jon actually had a couple sleepless nights just wondering what we should so. . . should he get a 2nd job to pay for the mortgage in Lansing? Should we put it on the market? Should we fly home to get it "show ready"? Should we rent it? Should we quit the job at The Met and go back? (well, not really, but the thought did cross our minds.). So on Friday, a friend recommended we list it on Craiglist since she sold their last house on Craiglist. I put up a quick post listing the house for sale or rent and didn't really think much of it.

Lo and behold, the next day, someone called wanting to see the house. My brother (thank you, Dave, you are AWESOME) gave her a tour of the house and she called me ten minutes later wanting to rent it out. Starting October 1st. I.E. no months of double payments for us. Are you kidding me? Pretty much that one of the most relieved feelings we've ever had. We feel comfortable with them as renters, they are both in grad school and all their references spoke very highly of them. Anyways, just wanted to share the good news!

In other news. . . anyone ever been to www.houzz.com? It's a home design site where you can save photos of designs/paint/colors that you like and create your own idea book. Except I don't recommend going to that site if your a renter like me because then you just drool and try to stay patient.

You're welcome.


jayfersgirl said...

Yay! So happy you have it rented out! I remember the feeling of relief when our house in TX sold...no more paying for 2 places (which we'd been doing for 5 months at that point). And B was born 8 days after the closing, so I was so grateful to have it all taken care of, so I could just focus on her!:)

Katie said...

I'm so happy you found an easily solution to the house problem! Although I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't have minded the "move back to Michigan" option either... ;)

Congrats, dudes!