Monday, September 27, 2010

Stomach viruses and White Chicken Chili

Dear blogger,
Why are you being so difficult? I only want to update a video of Brennan for my sister! @#$&*!
Meg, I'll get up some video as soon as I can, promise! Perhaps when my stud of a husband comes home and figures out what I'm doing wrong. :)

Jon came home on Saturday afternoon from the Story conference. We got a babysitter so I could go pick up Jon and have a lunch date while Brennan was home napping. It was a great plan. But Jon was sick with some sort of stomach virus/food poisoning. Poor guy had to fly home super sick. We did still take advantage of our babysitter and went to lunch anyways. I ate, Jon sipped on coffee and toast. Such is life!

We mostly chilled this weekend and watched football. Brennan is repeating so much of what we say, this weekend he picked up "football" and "peace". So funny.

It's a TON cooler here today in Houston and it's AWE-SOMMME. Our playgroup met at a park today and I didn't want to leave it was so nice out! Yay for fall type weather!! I even have white chicken chili in the crockpot as a celebration to fall.

I love fall. I love fall decor. I love fall colors. I love fall foods. I love roasting pumpkins and squash and sweet potatoes. I love fall scented candles. I love hanging out with friends and family watching football. Yay for fall!

Excuse me while I go eat my chili that's in the crock pot. . .

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Meaghan said...

still upset about the lack of video (kidding!). i stop by here very often, hoping for updates :) so you should move out here so I can eat your delicious recipes like white chili and i will babysit brennan for free :) seems like an ideal trade to me. enjoy beautiful fall!!