Thursday, September 30, 2010

For the Fam

I know it just kills our parents that were in Texas and although I'd like to think it's because they miss Jon and I, we all know it's really Brennan they miss. :) And I don't blame them! He's changing a mile a minute. We're like the worst kids ever, taking their sweet grandson from Michigan to Texas. I do truly still feel bad about that!! Anyways, here's a few videos I thought our families would enjoy of Brennan and his car. You all know how car obsessed he is, whenever we go outside to get in our car, he runs for his little cozy coupe. Too cute!

And here's one of him just hanging out with me in his nursery:

(sorry, this second video is shakey! I am obviously not the talented videographer in this family!)


Laine said...

These are both so cute! I cant believe how big he's getting!

jayfersgirl said...

We moved all the way to California, and our families are in Wisconsin -- of course, we were already in Texas when I got pregnant:) But we did cancel the plans for Jay to apply to PhD programs in England when we found out I was pregnant, because we knew the grandparents would NOT appreciate that:)
And we tease Jay's parents, because my parents were usually the ones to pick us up at the airport pre-Brooklyn, especially when it's a red-eye that gets in at 5:30 am...but now all 4 grandparents are standing there, no matter when the flight gets in, and we say "We did not have this kind of welcoming committee before!":)