Sunday, July 18, 2010


My co-teacher and I set up our room for VBS this afternoon. Jon and B came later in the day to eat pizza and Jon made that firepit up the upper left hand corner of this picture. Thank you honey! Glaydene, the co-teacher, sewed those bandanna style curtains, aren't they awesome? The fence wraps around the entire room and goes out into the hallway.
My throat is killing me and B has a head cold so I'm hitting the hay (yee haw saddle ridge ranch!).

Have a good one!


Erin said...

these decorations are amazing. I think our church in WA had the same theme this year!! Great job!

Jennifer said...

Those decorations are cute! I saw some of them at church yesterday.

Meaghan said...

what's the theme, Western? hilarious. i'm impressed by your art skills, legitimately impressed. hope its a blast and know that its not only the kids that will be learning something! :)

Chaeli said...

Meggie- the theme is Saddle Ridge Ranch. The decorations came together a lot better than I thought they would, WHEW.