Friday, July 9, 2010

Proverbs 19:21

Proverbs 19:21
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."

Thank goodness, right? So Jon and I have been trying to plan a vacation to Michigan this summer and that verse just keeps going through my head. We were originally going to spend around 5 days with Jon's family and then 5 days with mine. And I was going to go to Chicago with my awesome pack of college girlfriends to start the trip off. And then Jon realized he only had like 5 days of vacation time left. So B and I were going to stay the last 5 days and Jon was going to fly back home. And we were trying to squeeze in a visit with everyone during those first 5 days so Jon could see everyone.

And then The Met decided they wanted Jon to go to Haiti. Which we were excited about- what a great opportunity for Jon and The Met! So it worked out well, I'd be home with my parents while Jon was in Haiti. Perfect!

And then we found out there were no flights to Haiti from Detroit except on the day we had planned for all of us to see the O'Neill's right in the middle of our trip. So without even discussing it, Jon tells The Met he can't go to Haiti and that he needs to choose family over this trip. We were both excited he gets to stay the whole time in Michigan but disappointed he isn't able to go.

And then we realize Jon is home with us for two weeks with only 5 days of vacation time left (are you following this? If so, you're smart.). Guess he'll be comping up the time here.

And then I get a call from one of my college girlfriends, April, who is crying on the phone and telling me that another one of our girlfriends was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. And she's 28 by the way. 28. (More on this later. . . )
Us girls stopping for Beaner's on our way to visit April in Nashville (how many years ago is this photo? No idea. . . )

So then us girls that were planning to go to Chicago for a long weekend together reconvened and decided that since Suz could no longer go to Chi-town that we'd all stay in Grand Rapids to be by her. So the girls weekend got moved to Grand Rapids.

And after skyping with the Ackermans and the Zuberts, a 3 way conference call with my Mom and sister, and several phone calls to John and Kym, we think we have our summer vacation plans figured out. But we've said that before. . .

Regarding my sweet friend, Suzanne, you can check out her blog here to follow her journey. I lived on the same floor as Suz my freshman year at CU and although she transferred to GVSU, she continued to go to our girls bible study through all of college. The seven of us girls lived all over GR during college but stayed in the bible study throughout those four years. I love them. Please pray for Suz. The doctor's are now saying it may not be cancer (hooray!). She also has cystic fibrosis which can complicate matters.


jayfersgirl said...

Proverbs 19:21 is "our verse" as a couple:)
Sounds so complicated figuring everything out!
So sorry to hear about your to read her blog...

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