Saturday, July 17, 2010

Growing Up

It's amazing how fast babies grow up. This is Brennan one year ago today:

(ahhhh, he's so cute! I just went to a baby shower last night and now I'm looking at these and ahhhh! Babies!!)

To this (taken last week):

(I can't get a good picture of him for the life of me. Always.In.Motion)

Jon and I were just talking, some of our family hasn't seen B since Christmas, they are going to die when they see how huge he is!!

We are so looking forward to going back to Michigan. We weren't planning on spending two weeks on vacation but it's worked out that way so apparently the Lord knows we need it (or perhaps HE knows the Grandparents need it haha). See y'all very soon!!

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Kymberly said...

Can't wait to hug him and see him interact w/ the girls! It is crazy how fast they grow.