Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Weekend


We had such a great weekend!! I signed up for a bunch of free stuff on my birthday and had a free dinner at Gringo's Mexican Kitchen- our favorite Tex Mex restaurant. Hello, YUM. And our bill totaled $4.25 after tip. Sweet!

Saturday we headed to Galveston Island with our friends the Schurrmann's. Jon and Andrew work together at The Met and we are so thankful for this family! We played in the waves, made sand castles, ate lunch and hung out. Brennan didn't take a nap, except 20 minutes on the way home and he was still a really good boy!

Sunday we we're able to go to church together as a family, which was nice. Jon worked the past two Sundays in order to comp some vacation time. After church we headed home for lunch and to give B a nap. Then we dropped B off at Andrew and Cathi's, borrowed their van, and went on a little date to Ikea to pick up our new TV Stand/bookshelf combo. After we picked up Brennan, Jon spent the rest of the evening putting the darn thing together. Hopefully I can get a picture up here, it's so cute!

However, today is Monday and it started off with an 8 am dentist appt for me. What a way to start a week, ha! Do you guys get headaches after going to the dentist? I ALWAYS have headaches the rest of the day. Oh well!

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LaineCusi said...

Yay for free stuff on your birthday!
Isnt it awesome living relatively close to the beach?! I love it! Hopefully we make it there a couple times this summer (I've gotta stop having babies so we can actually do stuff! lol).