Saturday, February 27, 2010

What have we been up to since Daddy's been gone?

-lots of walks and playing at our neighborhood park. I actually got LOST the other day in our neighborhood. I thought I could just find my way back home but I'm slightly directionally challenged and there are a lot of homes in our neighborhood (more than 1,100). Haha.

-I went to a MOPS night out at The Met while Brennan went to their child care. It was a pajama party theme and I was thankful it was scheduled the same time Jon was gone. I soooo appreciate MOPS!

-Yesterday, our friends Tammy and Phil, offered to watch B so I could get some alone time. I went and saw "When in Rome" (first time I saw a movie by myself and I loved it!). The movie was cheesy but so funny and cute- I thought it was great!

-Afterwards we met friends at EJ's pizza. B didn't do so hot so I gulped down my salad and left after only an hour. We went to a friend's house for cake afterwards and he was much happier- I think he doesn't appreciate being strapped into a high chair sometimes.

-Today I'm going to attempt something crafty with my glue gun. Stay tuned. This could be funny.

Annnd Jon flies in tonight (woo hoo)!

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jayfersgirl said...

I'm so glad someone else can get lost in a neighborhood too! When I started nannying for Ellis, I walked to the park her mom had pointed out to me -- no problem. Getting home? Major problem. We were walking for over an hour! And I had flip-flops was absolutely crazy.
Hilarious to look back on, because once we started going there often, it was so obvious how to get to and from it, but that first time was just awful:)