Friday, February 5, 2010

So Long Insecurity and Cake Pops

I am joining the online discussion group for Beth Moore's new book "So Long Insecurity". Anyone interested in joining it with me?? Click here if you're interested and to get more information. It doesn't start until February 11th so you have a week to get the book. I just ordered mine online and I'm crossing my fingers it arrives in time! It's basically two chapters per week with a few discussion questions from her blog. You can read the first chapter of the book here to see if you're interested. I'm also doing another one of her studies at TheMet every Wednesday morning but that particular study doesn't have any homework so I know I can handle another one at the same time. If you've never joined one- now is the time- I'm telling you, I get SO so so much out of her studies.

Ok, in other news, I attempted to make cake balls (also called cake pops) from one of my FAVORITE baking sites, Bakerella. I love bakery's and baked goods and pretty glammed out baked creations, and I wish with all my heart I could do that myself. But let me tell you- baking is not my God given gift. Lord knows that's a fact. I think I'll stick with cooking.
Please compare- Bakerella's cake balls:

My cake pops:
I actually tried to make them on Wednesday night but I burned/scorched the white chocolate (used for dipping), SO, I tried again last night. And I just could not dip the pops into the white chocolate without it being disastrous. THEN I couldn't get them to stay on the stick. I should have taken a photo of the process, it was pretty funny. I tried these out because I was going to make them for B's birthday party but maybe we'll stick with peanut m&m's as favors. . .


T Heap said...

Oh Chaeli...your cake pops are so cute! I'm sure they tasted delicious :) Your stories crack me up!

Not sure if I'm up for reading a Beth Moore book, but I sure do miss doing her studies. She is fantastic!

Chaeli said...

Trish, you have a lot on your plate right now, I completelyyyyy understand.

Click on my cake pop photo to see how bad they actually look up close, hahaha

Erin Morgan said...

I think they look super cute... I made some peanut butter balls this year and had similar problems. Perhaps your next attempt will be a bit more easier for you... did you taste one? Do they taste good?

The Feitl Family said...

Thanks for the laugh...I just couldn't wait to scroll down and see yours after seeing the "original". A for effort, and I bet they still tasted great!!!

Chaeli said...

Carrie- anytime :) I'm blessed with the ability to laugh at myself!
Your cake for Ashlyn was adorable!!!