Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last Meal

Well, the B Man has had a cough for at least two weeks, but hasn't been whining or had a fever. I decided to take him into the dr's because his cold was waking him up from a dead sleep (he'd fall back asleep just fine, but it was hard to hear him coughing like that) and he wasn't eating much which is NOT our child. Turns out he has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. The Dr. was impressed we waiting so long to come in! And she was shocked at how strong he is. Yes Dr. person, he is ALL boy. :)

B eating his banana (Jon trying out his rented camera for a side gig)
The only thing he's eaten this week besides formula is bread and bananas. Poor guy.

Jon and I were talking the other night about what our last meal would be. There were no rules- it could be from a restaurant, homemade food, whatever drinks you wanted, etc. I would love to hear everyone's last meal choices!! Here is mine:
Drinks: Water, Blue Heron Wine
Appetizer (oh yes, I thought this through): Fried zucchini strips from Maggiano's (oh how I love that restaurant)
Entree: Mac n Cheese from Troppo
Side Salad with sherry vinagerette dressing from Newk's
Dessert: Homemade cookie monster or chocolate chip pizookie from BJ's

Well, it's approximately one week until we move and we have yet to pack one box. Slackers.


Jennifer said...

That's funny, Brian and I have talked about our last meal too! I think his is from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and I'm going to have to rethink mine after seeing how thought out yours was. :D

Jon Ackerman said...

Jennifer- I dream of Ruth's Chris steaks sometimes, oh yum!!! Jon's last meal was a steak dinner too, maybe it's a guy thing. I'm excited to hear yours! :)