Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brennan's 1st Birthday!

Out to celebrate for B's first birthday! He wasn't a fan of the cupcake.

Talking on his new cell phone from Uncle John and Aunt Kym. It was such a great gift because he just started this week taking cell phones, putting them up to his ear and talking. SO cute! And they even recorded their voices so he could hear them say "Happy Birthday". Kym, you are the BEST toy giver! He adores Scout, too!!

Jon was supposed to be in Vegas for Brennan's birthday for a video shoot, but his boss was gracious enough to switch his flights to Thursday morning instead. It would have sucked for me if he was gone on B's first birthday- even though logically I knew we were celebrating it next weekend- STILL. He took a half day off and we just hung out, went out to eat, had cupcakes and pazookies and went to Babies R Us, haha. I'm just so glad Jon was there!! This next week, the Ackermans and Zuberts come to visit and we'll have his party on Saturday. I cannot WAIT!

It's hard to believe he went from this:

To this:
Some fun things about Brennan at 12 months:
-His favorite things are wheels and lights. He pushes strollers around for hours, and just loves playing with their wheels. And he notices every single light. When we took the ceiling fan off at the apartment, he noticed right away. He always wants to turn the light switches off and on so he can watch the lights go off and on.
-He walks like a pro. Everyone told me my life would change when he started walking, but it really hasn't. He got into everything when he was crawling, so walking is no different! He likes to clap when he walks, kind of like, "go me, I can WALK"!
-He was only sick twice his first year- and both times was ear infections.
-His favorite food is bananas. I'm pretty sure he'd eat a whole bunch if we let him.
-He has slept consistently through the night since 6 months old. This is a gift I shall never take for granted :)
-Right now he takes two naps- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I'm curious as to when he'll drop that morning nap.
-We love him to pieces and ADORE watching him grow up. We love you little man! Happy Birthday!


jayfersgirl said...

Happy birthday, Brennan!
I felt the same way about walking, Chaeli:) B started walking at 9 months and people would say "Oh poor you!" but I thought it was great -- she go into stuff when she crawled anyway, and waking meant way more fun at museums and playgrounds:)

Beforethehunt said...

you guys are great parents!
-john o

Kym said...

Happy B-day B!
We love having M walk. I can now shop longer as long as she walks part of the time.
M is going down to one nap...good luck! Today I keep her out until 11:45 hoping to get her home to nap @ 12 or 12:30 but she fell a sleep in the car :( I guess we'll just do a 20 min morning nap for a while.