Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Vacation!

Were here at the Ackerman's household (Jon's mom and dad) for the weekend- enjoying time with Mark and Erin and Mom and Dad. Yesterday we went to the zoo in South Bend and had Logan's for dinner. Today the whole family came over for lunch and we've just been relaxing all day. Brennan was great yesterday but he's having a rougher time today. I notice that I am still on edge sometimes, just wondering when the next meltdown will be. He really hasn't had an inconsoleable moment since we put him on the prevacid, but I think I still worry about it when he starts to cry because it was my life for four months, you know? Annyywhooo. I am off to buy tickets for my mom and I from DTW to IAH- wish me luck!!

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elena0680 said...

Glad to hear you had a relaxing time w/family. Now's our turn! Xcept, you never spend the night @ our house, so we only get to see you half as long :(!!! I want to go to the zoo- I love it!! Too bad they're predicting rain this wkend..what d'ya want to do?
Tlak to you soon, love, mom