Monday, July 13, 2009

Five Months

Dear Brennan,
It looks like I totally missed your four month letter! We've had a lot going on in our lives, haven't we? I'll just have to make up for it in this letter :)

I'll be honest with you because I'll regret it later if I'm not. I'm sure we'll teach this to you when your older, but everybody, every single person, has problems and struggles and pain. And there is no use trying to cover it up and always act like you have it all together. Because we know, no one has it all together- Your dad and I decided a long time ago to be authentic and not put on fronts because we believe that's important.

Opps, I got sidetracked and started preaching at you (and your only 5 months old, poor kid. . . :) Anyways, yes, this last month has been crazy! And in all honesty, like I said I would be, it was not a good month for you. We put you on prevacid to help with your acid reflux because the zantac didn't seem to be working. Thankfully, it stopped the inconsolable crying you were doing several times a day. But you seemed to still be in pain and weren't a very happy camper.

This month we went to Houston, TX, which will be our new home in just a few weeks. Grammy Ackerman came with us to take care of you and she did just a wonderful job. You and her got lots of quality time together and it was really sweet of her to come with us. Our plane was stuck on the runway for THREE hours and then we had a three hour flight, but you did okay. Daddy walked you up and down the aisle and I fed you A LOTTTT to keep you happy. We were also the absolute last seat on the plane and had to wait forever just to unboard. But we made it!

First plane ride and mommy didn't even realize your outfit had planes on it!

You didn't sleep well this past month and had many nights where you got up almost every hour to hour and a half. One night, you slept only two hours total. We think you had gas pains or a reaction to your immunizations. You were screaming in pain. We gave you a bath, took you for several car rides, and called the pediatrician at 3:00am because we didn't know what to do. You and dad went for another car ride around 5:00am and ended up sleeping in the car while it was running idle in the driveway. We felt bad for you because we knew you were in pain.

Praise to Jesus- we changed your prevacid dosage last week and you seem to be doing much better. In fact, last night, you slept through the night!

You've started sleeping on your tummy and it is adorable! This month you also started sitting up with the help of a prop and you started laughing much more. You love to be in the front pack carrier and you love being outside, so you and I take several walks a day. You like to be moving and busy. We started you on rice cereal and you seem to like eating it but then get fussy- so were not sure if it's not reaction well with your GERD or what. But you are just the cutest little thing when we feed you. Your a very strong boy, in fact, our pediatrician said he hadn't seen a baby as strong as you in a long time- you roll over all the time and have perfect head control.

To this day, your dad and I can't believe our handsome you are! Your a show stopper everywhere we go! You love to motorboat with your mouth and love grabbing your feet!

Brennan and Mckenna on July 4th
Brennan, we love you so much. Were so thankful you are a healthy little man. Please be a good little boy while mommy and daddy are packing this month!!! :)

Mom and Dad


T Heap said...

I'm so glad Brennan is feeling better! It broke my heart for all of you to read about your sleepless nights. I have got to hear more about your 3 hours on the runway. They would have had to take me out in a straight jacket! I'm proud of you! I WILL call soon to catch up...before your big move :)

The Feitl Family said...

Does Brennan do motorboat while eating? Ashlyn thinks that's just great!

LaineCusi said...

I cant believe that you're moving to TX in a few weeks! Wow! I'm so excited for you but I can imagine its pretty overwhelming at times for you guys. I think the first year is the hardest, I recommend visit home often but not in the summer. Visit in the winter so you remember how miserable it is. :) I know its not all about the weather but it can really help you commit to your new home! Also buy a house with a pool, it will make summers so much easier to handle and your kid(s?) will love it!
I love your letters to Brennan, they're great. I'm so sorry that you're having such a hard time with Brennan's Acid Reflux. Hopefully it will pass in the next couple of months. Evan's AR was pretty much done by 6 months and none of our other boys had it (a little hope if you ever want to have another kid:)).

jayfersgirl said...

3 hours on the runway??? How awful --- the 4 1/2 hour flight we just did was plenty long for all of us, and Brooklyn is an awesome traveler...still no way you could get me to sign up for a 3 hour wait on the runway!
I don't know what your thoughts on immunizations are -- we're skipping many and delaying and spreading out the few we're doing. It's a thought if you think it's contributing to Brennan's pain and angst...even just spreading them out might help, so he doesn't get so much stuff put into him at one time. Just a thought:)
Good luck with the packing!!!