Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updatey date


Were still chugging away here in the Ackerman household! We've seen lots of visitors, gone out to eat for the first time as a family, gone to church three times, attended a wedding and a funeral, a going away party and two doctor's visits- all since Brennan's been born!

My day to day life is a walk of prayer right now. Things like, "Lord, please allow him to go down so I can take a shower today", "Lord, please give me wisdom on how to take care of this little guy- there's so much information to process", "Lord, thank you for a healthy baby", "God, why will he not nap?", "Please let him sleep well tonight", etc, etc. Brennan's had some awesome nights last week, he did a six hour stint between feedings (so 5 hours of sleeping) twice, and he did several 5 hour and 4 hour stints. But he's still really unpredictable, last night he was up every three hours! However, I can handle that- ANYTHING is better than the hell that was the first week!

Were heading to Bridgman this weekend to see the Zuberts who flew in today to meet Brennan. Were also getting his newborn photos taken (the BEST shower gift!). He's four weeks old, a little past the "newborn" stage, but oh well. Get this, we had his 4 week check up yesterday and the child already weights 10 lbs 3 oz!!!!! I guess he's eating pretty good, eh? :)

I try to send Jon photos or videos throughout the day- here's one we were going to send him today (it's probably boring for most of you!):


josh and michele said...

what a cute little bug!!! love the sneezes. we always said 'achooeyyyyy!' to lo. hehe. love you!

LaineCusi said...

Chaeli, he's such a cutie! Nice video! I'm glad you're getting to sleep at night. Still praying for you! Wish I could come over and visit. :( I cant wait to mee the little guy someday!

Katie said...

Chaeli-loo, I love your mommy voice! Let me know about next week!