Wednesday, March 18, 2009

THANK YOU to all you ladies who emailed me what worked (or didn't work) for you and your wee little one- I really appreciate your time!!! I've decided for now to attempt a 2.5 to 3.5 schedule (i.e. babywise). Once we get some sort of routine down, then I'll feel comfortable being more flexible with him. He's doing GREAT at night (he usually sleeps 5 hours between feedings and then another 4 hours between feedings), so now were working on getting him to NAP during the day. The child does NOT like naps! Yesterday he was awake from 8-3. I balled my eyes out and ended up calling Jon to come home and rescue me from a child I had been holding for 7 hours who would scream anytime I put him down. Thankfully Jon took him and told me to go to Beaners for a few hours. He's the best. And today, Brennan went down for two naps already AND I got a shower in!! Horray!

Honestly, parenting is the hardest job I've ever done. Ever. Between trying to learn how to breastfeed, being exhausted, trying to do whats best for Brennan regarding scheduling, etc. . . it's been difficult. But I know it'll be worth it. He's an absolute doll, he really is. I took him into work today to show him off, he was too cute! The transition from a "young professional" to a mom has been pretty rough, too. The feeling of, "I'm chained to this child who needs to eat every few hours" sometimes overwhelms me. But I'm thankfully past the "cry every night cause I'm so overwhelmed at the thought of motherhood" stage. Jon's probably happy about that :) Now I just cry every once in a while :)

Sorry this post is all about the little guy, he's my life right now!! I'm praising the Lord for him!


jayfersgirl said...

Oh, Chaeli, I remember those early days...the hormones, the sleep deprivation, the constant's hard! I had this fleeting thought one night of "Life was easier before" and then felt so guilty that I even thought such a thing about my precious baby that I tortured myself about thinking that for days and days before finally bawling my eyes out to Jay about it. He said "Well, yeah, it was" and I said "But it's so much better now!" and he said "Yeah!" I felt so much better just "confessing" to him what I had thought:)
I found that my emotions hit the wall around 6 pm the first few weeks of Brooklyn's life -- I think the tiredness hit me at that point and all the feedings, etc. I would cry right around 6 pm almost every day for a while:)
Hang in there! It's hard, but you're a great mom, and it will get easier:)

josh and michele said...

I hear ya about the crying chaeli! I think all I did for weeks was just cry. It does does does get better. I think maybe for my next one I just want to have a 3 month old. ;) You are doing a fabulous job! And Jon is such a good dad!
love you.

Erin Zubert said...

I'm so happy you are finding something that works for you! It's rough at first. I had a moment where I actually said out loud when I was home by myself, "What did we do?" I wanted my easier life, my own schedule, and my own body back. Now I would gladly give my life for Westin. It just takes a little while to begin to appreciate the sacrifices. We are sooooo excited for next weekend!

T Heap said...

Oh Chaeli,

I hear ya girl! You are completely normal and like everyone has already does get easier. There is absolutely no harder job than a mom. But you never know that until you're in it!! You are doing fantastic and Brennan looks very content and peaceful. I wish I could be there in person :( I so enjoyed getting to spend time with you last week! I love you :)

Claire Schupbach said...

Chaeli, Great comments and truths from you and your friends, here. For me the first two months are just plain chaotic--You absolutely are normal and do not feel guilty for crying! etc...You and Jon are great people and will be/are great parents--Kudos to Jon for coming home and supporting you! Parenting, to me is the greatest adventure you can have. My mother-in-law came out for a week, I wish she would have stayed 3 or 4 weeks. It was the only way either Jerry or I were able to get any sleep. Brennan is so beautiful! Things will get easier--you will sleep again. Congratulations on your great blessing.

Erin Morgan said...

What great comments everyone has posted. I echo each one of them. Those first months are horrible, and there is no way to prepare a woman for that change. I hear you also about the "leaving work" dilemma... I was so in control when I was working and wanted that life back. I struggled with those feelings for a year or so after Finn was born. I loved my job and wanted that "double life". But just couldn't swing it! And the crying!! Oh, everyone said it. I would cry because I was guilty or because I was overwhelmed with love for Ken or for Finn, or overwhelmed with the responsibility... I'd cry all the time. But it does get better as your experiencing. Your doing a fabulous job! And try to find and relish those precious moments with Brennan. They are fleeting and oh, so precious!! xoxo