Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Opinion Por Favor

Jon and I are thinking about buying and freezer for the basement (upright, not chest). I'm curious if this is something that's really valuable to have or not. We don't eat a ton of meat- or anything like that, but it would be nice to have extra freezer space- especially when la bebe comes.
Do you have an extra freezer? Love it? Worth it? Let us know- it'd be appreciated! Thanks!


Lacey said...

We have a chest freezer, which I've heard are more energy efficient, but I could be wrong. (They're definitely harder to organize!) But I LOVE having extra freezer space! That way, when I find good deals on grocery items that can be frozen, I can buy extra and throw them in there (cheese, bread, garlic bread, etc.). I also like to make double batches of certain meals to freeze (lasagna, meatloaf, etc, etc), so I only do the prep work once and I just have to pull it out of the freezer to thaw and cook. Easy! Also, we pick strawberries and apples in the summer/fall and make jam, apple pie filling, applesauce, etc, and those go in the freezer as well. So, my vote is YES! If you'll use it, get one!

Erin Morgan said...

We don't have an extra freezer, but I'd love to have one. Especially because of the baby. If you plan to freeze breastmilk, it would be nice to keep it seperate. Also, I would suggest becoming a member of Sams or Costco just for diapers, wipes and formula. (or just D&W). And when you go to Costco, you always come home with stuff that won't fit in your freezer, weather it's ice cream, or pizza or something else. And then when you have the baby and he's a toddler, you won't have to worry about him wanting a pudding pop every time you open the freeze, because he can see them at his eye level! :) My vote is yes! If your finances allow, I'd say do it!!

Chaeli said...

thanks guys!
My mom suggested the upright since they are easier to find stuff in and easier to reach. . . we found one for a good deal on craigs list, but I wasn't convinced it was worth it!

LaineCusi said...

I second what Lacey said! You might not use it as much until baby ackerman is older but you will eventually and especially if more babies are in your future! :)

jayfersgirl said...

Definitely worth it! We had a chest freezer in Texas, and I miss it terribly (we couldn't bring it, cuz we're on the 3rd floor, and they're not allowed on the 3rd floor -- guess they're worried it could plunge thru the floor at some random time:)
My parents have an upright one in their garage and always have -- and it's always full! It's nice to be able to freeze meat and stuff when you find a good deal.
And with the baby coming, you'll want extra space to freeze breastmilk (especially if you're going back to work) and if you choose to make your own baby food, it's awesome to have lots of room to freeze a bunch, so you don't have to make it so often.