Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Right now I'm watching my belly move and contort- this child is active today! One side of my belly gets pushed up for a few moments and then the other side- and there are definite hard spots where his body parts are pushing aginst me. I love when he's moving!
The Doctor said the baby is already head down- which I totally knew because a few weeks ago, I definitely felt a signifcant change- as in, "I really feel the need to waddle now." The baby is measuring long- which isn't surprising because both Jon and I were 21 inches long at birth. I'm a little over 33 weeks along!

So yes, let's see, it's been a while. Sorry blog readers! We have been home about five minutes the last month, so I haven't had a chance to upload any photos. Let's see, a quick recap. . .
We spent Christmas at my parents house. Had a baby shower with the O'Neill family, came home and worked a few days, headed to the Ackerman house for christmas with them. Had another baby shower. Felt very blessed and supported. Came home, put baby things away. Had Trinity's staff Christmas party and Block's Christmas party in the same weekend. Gained 30 pounds. Tried to figure out how to put a baby swing together. Almooosstt finished the baby's room. Ordered a glider. Put the Christmas decorations away. You know, the usual.

So, there ya go Erin Zubert :) I'll try and get some nursery progress photos up soon!


Erin Zubert said...

You don't know how much better you just made me feel! P.S. I had a dream last night that we were at another baby shower for you and someone said something about Pastrami and you were like, "How do you play that game?" I was cracking up trying to explain that Pastrami is a deli meat. See even in your dreams you kill me:)

LaineCusi said...

I cant believe you're 33 weeks! How's your rib by the way?

Chaeli said...

Haha, I LOVE the dream Erin!! I took some photos of the nursery last night so I'll try to get them on here soon.
Laine- I know, hello, 33 weeks, it's still pretty surreal to me. The rib is OK, it depends on the day!