Monday, January 19, 2009

OK, so you girls have convinced me, it's totally worth it! Unfortunately the upright freezer fell through after the dude accepted our offer- something about not having enough room without it to store his fish. Not sure I want a freezer that smells like fish anyways! So hopefully we'll be able to find another one! Thanks for your advice!

This weekend, we were able to hang out with our dear friends, Katie and Cliff (Hi Katie!) on Friday night. Saturday night I went to a girls night at a friends house and it was so good to stay up late, eat a ton and hang out! Sunday was the Lansing Food Drop and it was SWEET. Jon did a couple of videos for it (including the one on the link), I'll see if I can get him to post some videos on our blog.
Basically, 30+ churches came together to address one of Lansing's most pressing needs- the food banks have literally run out of food. Headed up by Trinity who coordinated the effort, we raised $120,000.00+ dollars (the goal was $40,000.00) and were able to fill up the food bank for the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2009. All the churches got together yesterday and met at a local high school- we worshipped together (it was amazing) and then went outside to load boxes of food onto trucks. Then we all took a few boxes and hand delivered the food to needy families in Lansing.
You know, I always think, "gosh, what good could we do in the world if all the Jesus believing churches got together instead of working on our own individual efforts". It was amazing to see- to me, the gates of heaven were stormed yesterday.
So that was our weekend. I'm desperately trying to get motivated for work this morning. .. . help!


Meaghan said...

awesome! what a blessing to all those people in need! thanks for the encouraging update, loved it. miss you sis (& jon, & babe) :) meg

Katie said...

Hi Homedog! Cute nursery!