Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nursery Update

We still have a ways to go- but here's an update on our nursery! We still need a bookshelf for all his books (love it!), the rest of out bedding, etc. But I really love the way it all came together. I had a vision in my mind is this is pretty darn close! I still need to add a splash of the citron green color (to give you an idea of the color were adding, this is the bedding I came oh so close to buying). Oh, and only my faithful blogspot readers get to see the video- I don't think I'm going to post it on facebook. Enjoy!

Last night we drove to GR/Sparta to see John, Kym, Kaitlin and Mckenna to bring them a meal and see the baby again. It was so sweet to be able to hold Mckenna for a while and bond with her. She is such a little cutie pie. We were trying to wake her up (bad aunt and uncle) so we could finally see her eyes- towards the end of our time their we finally got to see them!

Right now, Jon's having sushi with some friends and I'm procrastinating on a trip to the library- they're telling me I owe $40.00 which is just ridiculous. So I'm bringing out the claws :) Wish me luck!


jayfersgirl said...

Speaking of claws coming out, when the baby's yours, your claws will come out if someone tries to wake him up to see his eyes...I speak from experience:)
The nursery is awesome! Brooklyn's is decorated with blue, brown, and green, so I love yours:) I'm very jealous of the stacking rings on the dresser -- I so wanted to get Brooklyn some, but I had spent so much already I could never quite justify them:)

Jim & Wendy said...

OOOh my gosh, Chaeli and Jon! That is so cute. I love love love the verse over the crib. Great job :-)