Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't remember if I shared on our blog how we found out we were expecting. . . but I've had several people ask for the story. . . so here it is!

As soon as we decided to "pull the goalie" it really was freaking me out and totally exciting me. For some reason, I can't even explain it (ask Jon, he tells this so much better than me), I went NUTS, NUTS! buying pregnancy tests. I was taking tests when there was just absolutely no way that I could even BE pregnant, just because the thought of the possibility was making me CRAZY!! And those puppies are expensive. Jon guesses I spent around $200.00 on pregnancy tests (in three months, people!).

So anyways, one night we were walking around East Lansing and I asked Jon if he minded if we stopped by the CVS so I could buy a test. He reluctantly told me I could. We bought the test, then hopped in the car to go shoe shopping for me at DSW (love that store) at the Eastwood Townecenter. Honest to goodness, I really had to use the bathroom at the mall (it's an outdoor mall). So while in the stall, I thought to myself, "hmm, why not take the test I have right here in my purse". I'm telling you, it was the strangest obsession, I can't even explain it. Anyways, I hadn't even missed my period yet, but still took the test. And let me tell you, that sucker showed positive IMMEDIATELY. And I found out I was pregnant in a mall bathroom.
I was in complete shock- I've never felt that way before. You could have punched me and I wouldn't have felt a thing. I walked outside where Jon was sitting on a little wall waiting for me (see photo) and was on the phone. I said, "you need to get off the phone. . . now." So he hung up and looked at me and said, "you're pregnant, aren't you?".. . knowing I can never resist a test. "Yes". We both sat on that wall in total shock. Then we walked around the mall wide eyed and half laughing at each other. . not sure what to do next. I ended up taking six more tests. . . just to confirm the pregnancy :) I didn't feel any different, and the fact that this little baby was actually coming was something I was having a hard time comprehending.
So anyways, that's the story of how we found out we were expecting our first child. in a mall. after six pregnancy tests. Were hoping the delivery story is a little bit more normal :)


Katie said...

All I have to say is.. PULL THE GOALIE??? What????


LaineCusi said...

Hahahaha! I love your story! Jed is kind of the same, he is always buying pregnancy tests for me to take. Even when the "goalie" is still in. I cant believe that you found out in a mall restroom, hilarious. I cant wait for this little boy to arrive!

jayfersgirl said...

I love that story! What a fun, unique way to find out you're pregnant:) I do hope that the delivery is a little less unique though for your sake:)

Meaghan said...

please tell me you've seen four christmases because vince vaughn yells, "you pulled the goalie and didn't tell me?!" awesome :)

Erin Morgan said...

Holy Smokes, Ackermans!! $200 of Pt's? Your Crazy!! I thought I was obsessive!! It doesn't matter anyway. Your gonna be parents and it is a special club to be apart of!!